PRISONER’s first minor update, v1.1.0 has been released. This fixes a critical authentication bug and is considered essential.

In addition, this update adds support for cascading policies which function much like CSS. Policies for service-specific objects will now inherit any policies for base Social Objects, unless explicitly overriden, or if a “none” attribute-policy is applied to nullify any inherited policies.

Finally, there have been some minor improvements to the Twitter gateway to expose more properties.

The PRISONER Docker image and Docker demo have been updated to this version.


New features

  • In addition to “store” and “retrieve”, a “none” attribute-policy or object-policy can be set to explicitly prohibit any processing of this attribute. This is implied if there is no policy set, so only required to invalidate an inherited policy.

  • Support for “expression-match” in object criteria allowing a request to be approved if some object-scoped expression matches a given value.

  • TwitterGateway now exposes the number of likes and retweets on a Note, and lists of followers/following People for each Person.

Bug fixes

  • Critical bug preventing authentication has been fixed.

  • Privacy policies now cascade correctly. A policy for a specific service will inherit policies for a base object, if there are any. Use the new attribute-policy type “none” to invalidate an inherited attribute policy.